Jasper Gardener Burch

New York, NY Equity Analyst & Trader  at Non-Disclosed jasperburch@gmail.com  (8 8) 31 -4059

A financial services professional based in NYC, Jasper is an amateur but competitive magic the gathering player. With a somewhat obsessive personality, when not scouring the market for that next trade his thoughts often revolve around sweet lines to take with his cabal therapies, burning wishes and tendrils. Away from the table Jasper can be found ambling through central park with his 6 lbs familiars: Merlyn the Pomeranian and Beans the Toy Poodle.

Articles by Jasper


Sideboarding Guide

A guide for sideboarding against each Legacy archetype – explaining what to take out and bring in against those decks. Keep in mind that this is a rough tutorial and sometimes straying from these instructions… Read More »

Storm Data Comparison

All data was collected from these resources: TES Spreadsheet | ANT Spreadsheet (Data collected on 8/1/2017) Categories - General TES ANT Matches Played 863 327 Matches Won 554 202 Games Played 2,137 809 Game Win % 60% 58% Game Win % (Play) 65% 68% Game Win % (Draw) 64% 59% Match Win % 64% 62% Match Win % (Play) 64% 63% Match Win % (Draw) 64% 58% Mulligan… Read More »