Bryant Cook

I'm a graphic designer, nerd, music enthusiast, and television addict. Some of my favorite things include, the New York Mets, Scrubs, and my dog – Jack.

Oh yeah, I guess own and manage this website too.

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AJ Kerrigan

I'm a Finance, Software Engineering, and Philosophy student, as well as a long-time Epic Storm enthusiast and Level 2 Magic Judge. When I'm not busy with school, I'm either watching Netflix, jamming out to Taylor Swift, or beating StarCityGames grinders on camera with Empty the Warrens.

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Cyrus Corman-Gill

I’m a Political Science student, Hip Hop Head, and Magic the Gathering Online grinder. I love San Francisco Bay Area Sports and Grapeshotting people for 20.

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Jasper Gardener Burch

A financial services professional based in NYC, Jasper is an amateur but competitive magic the gathering player. With a somewhat obsessive personality, when not scouring the market for that next trade his thoughts often revolve around sweet lines to take with his cabal therapies, burning wishes and tendrils. Away from the table Jasper can be found ambling through central park with his 6 lbs familiars: Merlyn the Pomeranian and Beans the Toy Poodle.

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Alex Poling

I'm an IT Consultant, recently graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Systems Analysis, and also a part time high school teacher, but when I am not studying or working I spend my remaining free time playing Magic. My favorite part of Magic is counting to 10.

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Peter Raab

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