TES Infernal Tutoring # 5

Without a doubt, practice makes perfect. While I still consider myself a below average player, I can now proudly say that I am no longer a free win on Cockatrice! Being cannon fodder was fun for a while, but I'm glad we could move on and be a bit more technical. The Infernal Tutors' teachings are slowly building a better player, and I hope they're having the same effect on Read More »

Eternal Masters and the Epic Storm

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was written before the full Eternal Masters spoiler was released. With the spoiler season for Eternal Masters beginning, I figured that now would be a good time to discuss my thoughts on how the set will affect The Epic Storm. This won’t be an overly long article, as we are working with a lot of incomplete information and I am not a big fan of guessing at Read More »

The Current State: Massacre

I've been focusing my efforts over the last few months on Standard as I had two Grand Prix within driving distance. Now that the dust has settled on those, I've been back to counting to ten (and sometimes twenty)!  Recently some of you may have seen me streaming while testing for the upcoming large Legacy events, I've been using the same list that I took second place with at an Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring # 4

GP: Columbus is coming fast and Cockatrice is surely aware of it! Newcomers testing their lists or veterans sharpening their skill, everyone seems to be there to give a challenge for this fourth edition of Infernal Tutoring. For this week, the latest version of The EPIC Storm was used. It is, of course, available on the home page.   Main Deck 4 Burning Wish 4 Infernal Tutor 4 Brainstorm 4 Ponder 4 Gitaxian Probe 4 Cabal Therapy 2 Duress 1 Empty Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring # 3

We're back again with a new edition of Infernal Tutoring! After our last session on macro management and overall strategies, this week focuses in the opposite direction: small, tactical plays to grind out an edge and open the breach for The EPIC Storm to rage. For this week, the latest version of The EPIC Storm was used. It is, of course, available on the home page.   Main Deck 4 Burning Wish 4 Infernal Tutor 4 Brainstorm 4 Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring # 2

It was only a matter of time before I went back to Cockatrice to try to learn more about our favorite deck. The feedback on the last article was amazing, please remember that we read every single comment and try to improve according to your suggestions. The last article taught me one major lesson: Empty the Warrens is a good card, but it needs to be used properly – too few Goblins, too late, is Read More »

TES Mailbox #8

Hi everyone! We're back with the mailbox, here are some more Q&A's:   What storm variant is currently better positioned during the Eldrazi menace, ANT or TES? I'm an ANT player who is currently trying TES. This could be a whole article in itself, but I'll keep it brief. The differences between the two storm decks is their combo turn, ANT's is often turn three which allows for several hate pieces to hit the Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring # 1

As the last snow flakes are falling on a Canadian island, the Storm season already peeks for the local Magic league. Following the last summer reports, I'm getting back into action to provide a better, improved, beginner-targeted content. I've surrounded myself with some of the best Stormtroopers around, a variety of TES geniuses & enthusiasts hoping their teachings will help all of us improve. With these Infernal Tutors (pun intended), Read More »

A Storm over Innistrad

Every spoiler season, storm players from far and wide rush to talk about all the new cards that they think will take storm to the next level. The Epic Storm is no stranger to this, and thanks to Burning Wish, people often love to pick out every single corner case scenario they can think of that might make any sorcery that costs four or more into a game winning card. Read More »

Storming into EE4 Satellite (03/19/2016): 2nd Place

After writing about some of my favorite TES Memories I had an itch to play Grapeshot again. I mulled over deck slots, like moving the Bayou to the main deck for the millionth time. I ultimately landed on Massacre. The reason being, according to, Death & Taxes is only 2.86% of the metagame.   Waking up at 5:30am to get to the Tales of Adventure Eternal Extravaganza 4 Satellite event wasn't Read More »
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Please note: Some of the information is dated back to the creation of The EPIC Storm, because of this everything is marked with a date. Sometimes the best inspiration for a solution or problem is… Read More »