The EPIC Storm

Legacy League - Landon Sworts - 02/26/19

the epic Storm .dek (MTGO) | .txt   Main Deck 4 Burning Wish 4 Infernal Tutor 4 Brainstorm 4 Ponder 1 Preordain 4 Thoughtseize 3 Duress 1 Empty the Warrens 1 Ad Nauseam 4 Rite of Flame 4 Dark Ritual 4 Lion's Eye Diamond 4 Lotus Petal 4 Chrome Mox 4 Polluted Delta 4 Bloodstained Mire 2 Badlands 1 Underground Sea 1 Volcanic Island 1 Swamp 1 Island Sideboard 3 Echoing Truth 3 Empty the Warrens 2 Hope of Ghirapur 1 Duress 1 Grapeshot 1 Past in Flames 1 Pulverize 1 Tendrils of Agony 1 Dark Petition 1 Telemin Performance   Landon Sworts plays a Legacy Constructed Read More »

TES Matchup Battles: Grixis Phoenix

Grixis Phoenix is the new kid on the block, as far as Legacy decks go. This is due to the recent printing of Arclight Phoenix. The reason this card is legacy playable is because of an older card, Buried Alive. Being able to cast a couple of spells and then a Buried Alive to retrieve 3 copies of Arclight Phoenix putting them into your graveyard and then immediately into play, Read More »