Getting your TES cards signed!

A little over a year ago I finished my mission of getting my deck as Japanese and as foil as it could be. A few months went on and I found myself thinking, "What now?" – that's when I began my mission of getting everything signed by the artist. It's been a long road so far in one the year, I've made a lot of progress (currently at 51 of 75 cards signed!) and learned some lessons. One of the things I learned is that you can never be too careful with your shipping. I managed to lose a few hundred dollars worth of cards right before Christmas, it was heartbreaking. But if I had taken the time to properly package my cards, it likely wouldn't of happened. I highly recommend doing this:

  • Write a note to the artist stating what you want done (please sign in black, alterations, etc.), be polite, thank them and make sure to tip them too! They're taking time out of their day for you, show some appreciation and leave a decent tip.
  • Optional: I put my business card with the cards and write on the back, "if lost please contact:" I also leave an additional one for them.
  • Put your cards in some sort of sleeve or pouch and then tape them between two hard cases.
  • Place your cards in a sandwich bag, this protects them from the weather as well as keeps them together if anything were to happen while at the post office.
  • Take two pieces of cardboard and use them to secure the sandwich bag, tape them together too.
  • Place these in your self addressed envelope (I highly recommend bubble mailers - they're $1.25 and well worth it, they won't tear open on you), but do not seal!
  • Place the self addressed envelope inside of the envelope to the artist.
  • When mailing, I believe that it's best to pay for tracking AND insurance. It cost next to nothing compared to replacing your cards, which likely mean a whole lot more to you.

If you're getting your cards signed at a Grand Prix, Star City Games Open or even something else, please still tip generously. I regularly check the Grand Prix schedules for attending artists, you never know who will be attending thats done a card in your deck! Most artists have a rule that if you buy something worth $20 or more from them that you can skip their signing line which can be worth it too.

If you're looking to contact an artist, there's a few ways to go about it.

  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Their website

I typically find all of these through google. Feel free to contact me, I keep a list of all of the artist contact information and addresses of anyone I've made contact with. My last shown progress of my deck can be found here.


Bryant Cook

Bryant Cook has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 as well as 9 Star City Games Top 8s (2 wins). You can often find him traveling the northeast in search for the next big event, he recently won SCG: Worcester. Outside of M:TG he's an avid New York Mets fan, graphic designer, pop-punk enthusiast, and doggo aficionado. Bryant Cook is the owner and president of The EPIC Storm.