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Badlands 1 Scan Front
Badlands 1 Scan Back
Badlands 1 Pic Front
Badlands 1 Pic Back
Badlands 2 Scan Front
Badlands 2 Scan Back
Badlands 2 Pic Front
Badlands 2 Pic Back



Mana Cost: 0
Converted Mana Cost: 0
Types: Land
Card Text: Tap: Add Red or Black.

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A searchable land that provides two of the deck’s primary colors without any drawbacks.

Badlands is one of three Mountains in the deck for Pulverize AND Crash in the sideboard ‐ previously if a Wasteland were to hit a Mountain, Pulverize would be shut off. Not anymore! A trick for playing with red “dual lands” is to sit back on “fetchlands” and make sure they don’t get hit by Wasteland if in a position where casting Crash or Pulverize is necessary.

When pairing Badlands with Tropical Island all four colors are available which makes gameplay much easier, this is something many players look to accomplish in the early game. That said, this pairing is often worse than Taiga and Underground Sea due to your “combo color” land in Badlands can only cast a single “ritual effect” while Tropical Island cannot accomplish this. Although, if it’s only needed for Veil of Summer, this wouldn’t matter.

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63mm x 88mm, 2.48×3.46"

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