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Crash (Japanese) (Foil)

Mana Cost: 2R
Converted Mana Cost: 3
Types: Instant
Card Text: You may sacrifice a Mountain rather than pay this spell’s mana cost. Destroy target artifact.

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Crash has been a card in the back of my head for years as a possible inclusion into The EPIC Storm. It’s hard to not see the value in a “Free” answer to cards such as Chalice of the Void. With The EPIC Storm playing three Mountain cards to support Pulverize, we certainly have enough for Crash.

Recently, I’ve felt that with Echoing Truth, we have to take a turn off to cast it. Then our opponent plays a secondary disruption piece and we fall behind which can lead to potential losses. The beauty of Crash is that it allows you to “break serve” so to speak, not requiring you to take a turn off from advancing your own game-plan to answer theirs.

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