Sideboarding Guide

A guide for sideboarding against each Legacy archetype – explaining what to take out and bring in against those decks. Keep in mind that this is a rough tutorial and sometimes straying from these instructions is correct. Situations, game states and the opponent often call for a different plan of attack.

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Force Of Will
Ethersworn Canonist


Against this archetype, I don't recommend dropping Goblins into play. These decks just have so many ways to answer them ranging from: Golgari Charm, Toxic Deluge, Batterskull, Terminus, Supreme Verdict, Engineered Explosives and plenty of other cards. The Tendrils of Agony from the sideboard will get you a lot farther against these decks as you likely have enough time to build into a high storm-count.

In post-board games, it's better to slow the game down as that is what the opponent is trying to do as well. It's best to side out copies of Chrome Mox as it's inherently a faster card since its card disadvantage at the cost of the mana it provides – meaning over a longer game that its less valuable. It also doesn't help with the game plan of using Past in Flames as a means of card advantage. It's important to keep in mind that these decks are likely siding in Flusterstorm, which can be problematic, especially if you're going for the natural storm kill with Tendrils of Agony in hand. That said, if they don't have Flusterstorm, you've likely won the game.

A strong play against them is to Burning Wish for Past in Flames and make them counter it or lose. Meaning, try to build up "ritual-effects" over cards like Lion's Eye Diamond with cantrips and Infernal Tutor. Lion's Eye Diamond also has the downside of causing you to go all-in, if you're able to keep a few cards in hand after attempting to win, there's a good chance you'll have another shot in a few turns.

Bringing in Defense Grid is great against these decks, they don't have a fast clock and it will create a lot of awkward situations for them where they'll have to choose between casting spells or being able to interact with you. Against Shardless BUG or 4c Control, Defense Grid isn't as it's best as they have Thoughtseize or Hymn to Tourach and Abrupt Decay and/or Kolaghan's Command. That said, they do have Leovold, Emissary of Trest which can make things a little awkward. How Leovold, Emissary of Trest works against storm combo is that you target them with Tendrils of Agony and then Leovold, Emissary of Trest will trigger for each copy of storm. Often resulting in the opponent drawing into ten to twelve cards. This can become very difficult as they're prepared to fight back with either Flusterstorm or Mindbreak Trap. If you can't manage to get a Defense Grid into play, I highly recommend Empty the Warrens over using Tendrils of Agony. Alternatively, if you find that you don't like Defense Grid at all due to the amount of discard or their answers to permanents, I recommend bringing in Rending Volley.

For more information on how to beat Miracles, please read AJ Kerrigan's article linked below.

Against these control decks playing white, I bring in Rending Volley. These are specifically in the deck for this reason, without Counterbalance and Sensei's Divining Top, control decks have turned to Ethersworn Canonist to lock you out of the game. From there they try and protect it. Rending Volley is the most cost-efficient option in Grixis colors as an uncounterable answer. It can also answer Meddling Mage or even Stoneforge Mystic if need be! You can also use Burning Wish for Grapeshot, then play multiple artifacts to remove Ethersworn Canonist from the battlefield.

Copies of Ponder are usually sided out against Miracles as a way to find room, TES doesn't have a lot of "flex spots" and these control decks are known to bring in up to three copies of Pyroblast. This limits their effectiveness against TES. Sideboarding for this matchup can be difficult as there are so many cards we would like to bring in, but the entire deck feels useful in some way.

For more information on how to beat 4c Control & BUG Leovold, please read Alex Poling's article linked below.


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Delver Of Secrets


In a lot of ways the Tempo matchups are the exact opposite from the control matchups. We absolutely want to keep a few Chrome Mox because they’re focused on mana denial with a quick clock which means a lower life total for Ad Nauseam. Revealing a Chrome Mox off of Ad Nauseam is practically one of the best things you can do in those situations. It's important no note that Chrome Mox acts as a basic land in these matchups, it can't destroyed by Wasteland. Having the basic Swamp, Island, or a Chrome Mox in your initial hand can be very useful here as they'll be solid sources of mana through-out the game.

Players don't tend to Stifle Chrome Mox's imprint trigger, even though it is actually a key card here. Stifle is a card that a storm pilot should definitely be cautious of from these style of decks, on your Polluted Deltas, Bloodstained Mires, Scalding Tarn or even on Empty the Warrens and Tendrils of Agony.

Due to Stifle and Wasteland, I try to search up basic Island or Swamp as my first fetchland target. If you absolutely have to, search up Underground Sea before the red dual lands. This way, if a longer game proceeds and multiple Wasteland occur – you won't be shut off of red mana.

Empty the Warrens is also an all-star in these matchups as most of these decks can’t deal with it at all. Remember to play around Stifle in game one and then Flusterstorm in post-board games, to combat this, we bring in Defense Grid. Defense Grid can't be hit by either of those cards and it makes their cost very undesirable on your combo turn. That said, when you cast Defense Grid, try to have an open mana. This card is too important to run into cards like Daze. Against Tempo decks with black, Golgari Charm is common and something to consider (Usually only 1-2 copies). Against red based Tempo decks Young Pyromancer can be a problem if the storm player doesn't initially create enough Goblins. Any number over ten is likely to be safe.

For more information on how to beat Grixis Delver & UR Delver, please read Alex Poling's TES Matchup Battles article linked below.

Lastly, Merfolk is an exception to the rule for tempo decks. Echoing Truth is brought in to fight off Merfolk playing Chalice of the Void. I take out a few copies of Ponder to help negate the effectiveness of Chalice of the Void. Empty the Warrens isn't recommended as Merfolk can kill you through it due to Islandwalk – Merfolk is great at putting tons of blockers into play. Some lists even play Echoing Truth as an answer to the Goblin tokens. That said, you need to keep Empty the Warrens in the deck as an option to combo before or through Chalice of the Void.


Grixis Delver:

-1 Ponder
-1 Burning Wish
+2 Defense Grid

Sultai Delver:


Temur Delver:

-1 Ponder
-1 Burning Wish
+2 Defense Grid

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Goblin Guide
Eidolon Of The Great Revel
Lightning Bolt


Unlike the first two archetypes listed, Duress isn't very great in these matchups. While there are targets for the card, the threats we're actually concerned with a permanents - usually in the form of creatures. Burn has Eidolon of the Great Revel, Zoo & Goblins both play some number of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

That said, Duress carries more weight against Burn than Gitaxian Probe. Helping another deck achieve their goal of killing you quickly with spells isn't ideal. You might be thinking, "Doesn't siding out Gitaxian Probe effect Cabal Therapy?" Not really. The reason being is that you simply name Eidolon of the Great Revel and if they don't have it, fantastic! There are occasionally other permanent based hate – sometimes even some outlandish ones like Pyrostatic Pillar.

For more information on how to beat Burn, please read Alex Poling's article linked below.

Against all these styles of decks, you're relying on the back of Echoing Truth to get you out of Permanent based hate, there is no supporting cast of Rending Volley here. I believe the best solution to the permanent based hate in these matchups is to combo-out before their hate pieces come online. They don't have many ways to interact with you. Empty the Warrens is fine against all three of these decks if it comes down on turn one for over ten Goblins. This means that you will avoid both Eidolon of the Great Revel and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, but also, these decks won't likely kill you until turn four.

Grapeshot is kept in the sideboard as a Burning Wish target to remove Eidolon of the Great Revel but likely won't be needed, against the other two decks, they typically have a Plains for Massacre.


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Thalia Guardian Of Thraben
Gaddock Teeg
Ethersworn Canonist


Midrange creature decks try to combat us in one of two ways, the first being permanent based disruption and the second being hand based disruption. Let's start off by talking about the first category, these cards are typically: Chalice of the Void, Gaddock Teeg and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

Our goal against these cards in game one is to combo off as quickly as possible, this often means Empty the Warrens. This is because going for Goblin tokens is the deck's cheapest and most efficient way to combo out, only needing four mana post-tutor effect is very crucial in these sorts of matches. But be cautious of Stoneforge Mystic into Batterskull, as it can often stablize them at a very low life total. It's important to remember the synergy between Cabal Therapy and Empty the Warrens here, sacrificing a Goblin token to discard Batterskull is well worth it.

For more information on how many Goblins you need to defeat Stoneforge Mystic into Batterskull, click here.

Against the Thalia, Guardian of Thraben decks you want to sideboard out Duress and Ponder. Sideboarding out Duress against decks chock-full of creatures makes a lot of sense, but Ponder is because you simply don't have time to sculpt a perfect hand against a turn two Thalia, Guardian of Thraben or Ethersworn Canonist. You're much better off being slightly more aggressive with your mulligan strategy than sitting around and waiting to draw into what you need to combo.

The EPIC Storm brings in a variety of permanent based hate to get you out of sticky situations – Echoing Truth, Rending Volley and even Grapeshot are there to bail you out. There's even Burning Wish for Massacre if you're overwhelmed or there's a Mother of Runes protecting their creatures.

For more information on how to beat Death & Taxes, please read Alex Poling's TES Matchup Battles article linked below.

For the Chalice of the Void matchups, I don't recommend doing the play and/or draw tactic. Just bring in the Echoing Truth and hope you have it in hand when they play the artifact.

The other way to sideboard is more for the hand disruption based strategies, you should sideboard out Empty the Warrens, these decks tend to pack Maelstrom Pulse, Toxic Deluge and Golgari Charm. If you do bring in Tendrils of Agony to avoid losing to Surgical Extraction on Burning Wish. If these decks play white, I would bring in answers to hate bear creatures.


Death & Taxes:

-3 Duress
-2 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth
+2 Rending Volley


-3 Duress
-2 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth
+2 Rending Volley

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Ruric Thar The Unbowed
Leovold, Emissary of Trest
Mindbreak Trap


Unlike any of the arch-types listed prior to this one, this category is very unique and doesn’t really follow any rules.

Against Elves, it's easy to understand why Empty the Warrens isn't very good (and it has nothing to do with lore). They can create a bunch of blockers while being able to kill as quickly as the second turn, more likely on turn three. Due to sideboarding out Empty the Warrens, it's a good idea to sideboard in Grapeshot - the reason is two fold. It acts as a win condition in case Burning Wish is hit by Surgical Extraction, but it's also a Pyroclasm in this matchup (if you naturally draw it)!

If you're confident that your opponent has Surgical Extraction, I would side in Tendrils of Agony instead. Similarly, if your opponent has uncommon cards like Gaddock Teeg or even Ruric Thar, The Unbowed that you're aware of - I would bring in Echoing Truth. The two green aforementioned green creatures are deceiving as they typically enter the battlefield through Green Sun's Zenith or Natural Order. A card that's difficult to prepare for from Elves is Null Rod, I personally don't like to sideboard for it, but it's sometimes there as a singleton.

I personally treat the two Sultai-colored combo decks very similarly, they both play Force of Will and Leovold, Emissary of Trest. How Leovold, Emissary of Trest works against storm combo is that you target them with Tendrils of Agony and then Leovold, Emissary of Trest will trigger for each copy of storm. Often resulting in the opponent drawing into ten to twelve cards. This can become very difficult as they're prepared to fight back with either Flusterstorm or Mindbreak Trap. To combat this, I recommend Defense Grid for reasons very similar to other matchups. If you can't manage to get a Defense Grid into play, I highly recommend Empty the Warrens over using Tendrils of Agony.

The Infect match isn't super complicated. They have Counterspells, can kill you quickly and don't rely on Goblin tokens to block for you – their creatures can gain trample, are unblockable or have flying. Try to keep hands with hand disruption that aren't very slow.


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Show And Tell
Leyline Of Sanctity


To storm decks, the four of these decks are really two – Reanimate decks and Show and Tell decks. In game one, we just want to kill them as quickly as possible while not running into a Force of Will. I advise keeping hands with discard spells and using them before your cantrips. These are not decks I would create Goblins against, they can put Griselbrand into play or even just kill you instead of answering them.

In post-board games against the Reanimator decks, Echoing Truth is brought in to answer creatures like Chancellor of the Annex or Iona, Shield of Emeria from locking you out of the game. You can also use Echoing Truth on their second main phase to return Sire of Insanity to the Reanimator player's hand to stop them from discarding your hand. Defense Grid isn't brought in against Reanimator (even the blue versions) because they're so fast that if you don't disrupt them on the first few turns, the game will be over and investing two mana into something that doesn't disrupt them will likely end in your death.

The weakness of these types of decks is their hands often are clunky with uncastable combo pieces, it's best to expose that by taking away their relevant spells with discard spells. The Show and Tell decks will sometimes sideboard into Leyline of Sanctity to stop the hand disruption, this affects our game plan in one of two ways. We either have to Empty the Warrens (through Burning Wish) or sideboard in copies of Echoing Truth.

Another great way to combat Leyline of Sanctity is with Defense Grid, but it's primary purpose is to shut off Force of Will and Flusterstorm from Sneak & Show.


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Cabal Therapy
Surgical Extraction


Game one for all of these matches is about being able to kill as quickly as you can, I don't recommend trying to use Empty the Warrens when your opponents are trying to kill as fast as possible as well. For this reason, sideboarding for these match-ups is pretty easy – take out Empty the Warrens. For each of these matchups, you bring in something different to replace it:

In the Storm mirror, Surgical Extraction is very popular. Without a main deck win condition, if your Burning Wish gets extracted you will lose the game. Because of this, it's almost required to bring in Tendrils of Agony. If your opponent is on Ad Nauseam Tendrils, be on the lookout for Flusterstorm in post-board games. Not all lists play it, but a majority of the European lists do.

The way the Storm mirrors play out is that one person either kills very quickly or the games become a slug fest, either way, they're a lot of fun. I advise playing out all of your artifact mana early so that it cannot be hit by discard spells. In games where there's been a lot of discard played, the objective becomes to find a "tutor effect" then cast any of the following: Ad Nauseam, Past in Flames or even Telemin Performance.

Against High Tide decks, they often have multiple copies of Flusterstorm to go with their Force of Wills. This makes Defense Grid very good and once resolved, it's unlikely to be answered.

Just be wary of Telemin Performance post-board against Storm or High Tide as they might have sided in some sort of creature. If you have the time or options, I'd prefer to win with something else. Otherwise, take the gamble.

For the Dredge matchup, I typically side in a single copy of Echoing Truth. It admittedly isn't great, but has the upside of being able to answer a horde of Zombie tokens or the occasional Iona, Shield of Emeria.


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Sphere of Resistance


Sideboarding for the Chalice of the Void matchups isn't easy. We want to take out all copies of Ponder – I know this sounds ridiculous. Ponder is a "set-up" card in matchups where we need to be fast as possible. In these types of matchups, I would rather be threat dense and mulligan slightly more often than spend time looking for specific cards. Ponder also has the issue of being one mana – Chalice of the Void is typically set at one against The EPIC Storm. Side out copies of Ponder for Echoing Truth.

The reason not to sideboard out Empty the Warrens is that we need to be able to combo out as quickly as possible. We can become locked out of the game before we know it, dropping Goblins on the table is the fastest and most efficient way to combo out. There’s also the fact that these prison decks don’t have answers to Empty the Warrens.

For the decks with The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, sideboard out Empty the Warrens. It's too risky of a plan to actually pull off without them finding an answer. Similarly, Lands decks often play a main deck Bojuka Bog that can be tutored for with Crop Rotation – this makes Past in Flames and Dark Petition a huge liability as it can catch you off guard.

As you can see, our three main Burning Wish targets are not effective versus Lands. That said, you can certainly use Telemin Performance to mill them to death in game one. Post-board it becomes a bit of a guessing game as Tireless Tracker is fairly common in sideboards.


Eldrazi/Chalice Aggro:

-3 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth


-3 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth

Turbo Depths:

-3 Cabal Therapy
+3 Echoing Truth

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Blood Moon
Sneak Attack
Painters Servant


Against The EPIC Storm, let's face it, these are the same deck (for the most part). They all try to attack your mana base using either Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon to keep you from casting spells, if they're not doing that, they're going to use artifacts such as: Chalice of the Void, Thorn of Amethyst and Sphere of Resistance. How these decks individually win doesn't or shouldn't mean much, you're more concerned with how they interact with you.

Due to the Blood Moon effects, you should search out your copies of basic Island and Swamp immediately. Other than that, rely on cards like Chrome Mox or Lotus Petal to provide colored mana. Keep this in mind when choosing a card to imprint onto Chrome Mox.

Like the other prison based strategies or lock pieces, ideally you can combo off before their hate enters the battlefield. Dropping an Empty the Warrens is generally very good against these decks; they occasionally play cards like Fiery Confluence but even then, they're not seen in high numbers. If you can't combo off before their lock pieces come down, you bring in Echoing Truth to answer them or even Burning Wish for Meltdown. You're not out of the game, try to battle back – you have a lot of resources to work with.


Dragon Stompy:

-3 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth

Mono-Red Sneak Attack:

-3 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth


-3 Ponder
+3 Echoing Truth

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