Site Updates: Domain and Hosting Migration

Hey everyone!

I'm going to switch hosting/domain providers to a faster solution. I feel the current site is a little slow, mostly due to an old php version that my current provider won't upgrade. But also, shared hosting.

The new providers offers VPS hosting, which should make the website a WHOLE lot faster.

I'll pay for the site transfer and the increase in hosting myself as the site is my project/brain child, but it would be appreciated if site readers used the Paypal button (located in the footer as well as the homepage) to help off-set the cost – any size donation would help. A lot of Legacy players read and use the website as a resource, even non-storm players, my goal is to provide a better experience with increased viewership.

The website could experience some downtime. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Much thanks!




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