TES 2019 — Deck Showcase

TES Deck Showcase 2019

Main Deck Dividers Sideboard Changes since 2018 The addition of Mox Opal! — The artifact count finally supports it! Veil of Summer — The green splash is back! Wishclaw Talisman — An upgrade over Infernal Tutor. No Past in Flames! — Echo of Eons is just better in this deck. Thoughtseize Signed! — These are gorgeous. Defense Grid — Just ordered two more! Tormod's Crypt — yes... THRY Read More »

Modern UR Storm 2019 — Deck Showcase

Modern UR Storm Deck Showcase 2019

Main Deck Dividers Sideboard Changes since 2018 Aria of Flame — Makes beating graveyard hate so much easier! Remand — Back in the main deck! Platinum Plan — Upgraded to Japanese foil! Peer Through Depths — I like these with the Platinum plan, they don't mill your targets unlike Pieces of the Puzzle. Spirebluff Canal — They're out being signed! Read More »

Vintage PO Storm 2019 — Deck Showcase

Vintage PO Deck Showcase 2019

Main Deck Sideboard Card Notes Power 9 — Chinese fakes! Sorry to disappoint. Sensei's Divining Top — Need two more... Sphinx of the Steel Wind — Very good in an Oko world! Merchant Scroll — I have no excuse. Narset — Maybe with the restriction they'll be cheaper? Bolas's Citadel — I probably win with this as much as I do Read More »

Godo 2019 — Deck Showcase

Godo Deck Showcase 2019

General & Tokens Main Deck Changes since 2018 Cavern of Souls — Upgraded! Inferno Titan — Cut this year :( Mana Vault — Now Japanese foil! Manifold Key — Makes Godo unblockable, don't forget! Grim Monolith — Probably never getting another? Helm of the Host — Better than I initially thought. Gamble — Now Japanese foil! Wildfire — I was challenged to upgrade Read More »

TES 2018 — Deck Showcase

TES 2018 Deck Showcase

Main Deck: Dividers: Sideboard: Changes since 2017 No Gitaxian Probe! — ...or Cabal Therapy. Thoughtseize was added! New Empty the Warrens signature — thicker marker, large, centered. New Rite of Flame signature — thicker marker, large, centered. Hello Word! Meet Hope of Ghirapur. — It's actually insanely good. Playing all four Chrome Mox. All signed fetchlands! — Scalding Read More »