TES 2016 - Pimp Deck Update

For those of you unfamiliar, I have posted a yearly update of my deck in the Pimp Legacy Decks thread on MTGthesource ever since 2008 (I keep links to each year's update on the Resource Links page).

Below you will find my storm deck's main deck, sideboard and some additional cards! You can also find two other Pimp Deck updates: Modern Storm |  Godo EDH

Main Deck:

img-0 img-1 img-2 img-3 img-4 img-5 img-6 img-7a

Sideboard and Dividers:

img-7b img-8 img-9 img-10 img-11

Extra Cards:

img-12 img-13 img-14 img-15 img-16 img-17 img-18 img-19 img-20 img-21 img-23 img-24 img-25 img-26

Missing Cards:

I sent a few cards out to get signed, I'm missing:

1 Japanese foil Massacre, 2 Japanese foil Echoing Truth, 1 Japanese foil Ill-Gotten Gains, 3 Japanese foil Surgical Extraction (Promo)


Sideboard Guide

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