Tutoring & Service

Interested in getting better with The EPIC Storm? We have some resources below that will help you accomplish that!

We offering one-on-one tutoring sessions to help you analyze things that you might not recognize or get stuck on, there's also the TES Infernal Tutoring series for a broader approach on improving.

Every once in awhile I'm asked the question, "Do you offer tutoring?"

Up until now, my answer has always been "No, but I do provide a lot of great content."

That has changed, I (Bryant Cook) now offer MTGO Tutoring sessions. How it will work is we'll connect through Skype, you will share your screen with me and we will play a Legacy Constructed League.

We'll talk about how to sequence your cards, why we're doing things and more.

Rate - $75/2 hours. (Generally long enough to finish a Legacy Constructed League)


If you're interested feel free to fill out the contact form below! Thanks!

My previous experience with TES had been very poor.

In MTGO leagues, I had a single 4-1, a few 3-2’s and A LOT more x-3’s. In paper tournaments I often ended up dropping after 3-4 rounds and generally felt like I just had to be missing something with the deck. I then found theepicstorm.com and started reading all of the resources available.

That then led me to watching Bryant stream a couple times. From the 1-2 hours I was able to catch, it was clear that his knowledge of the deck was impeccable. I know that sounds silly since he created the deck, but it was a bit of an eye opening experience for me. To see what can actually be accomplished with TES compared to how I was playing it, was very enlightening.

From there, I contacted Bryant about tutoring so that I could hopefully gain some insight directly from him. To say it was worth it, is an understatement. As I said previously, I only had one 4-1 and a couple 3-2’s prior to this session. During the first tutoring session, I had my very first 5-0 in a league! Since then, I have had multiple 4-1’s and a lot of 3-2’s. I essentially went from losing non-stop to almost always breaking even. Considering where I was beforehand, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Along with getting more familiar with the deck in general, I have picked up on a lot of more nuanced things as well. One example being: putting a card on top of the library via Brainstorm, cast a cantrip and while holding priority, crack your Lion's Eye Diamonds for mana to give you the mana required to pay for the card you put back on top with Brainstorm. Before, little things like that would have never crossed my mind. So, not only have I gotten better with TES, I have also become a better magic player in general because I now know to look for alternate angles rather than the obvious ones.

I cannot recommend Bryant’s tutoring enough. Along with being a genuinely awesome individual, he has helped me improve my ability with not only TES, but magic as a whole.

- Joey Nichols (MEALSOLUTIONS)


As a long time Death and Taxes player, who has recently branched out to TES, I was struggling to learn my role in each matchup. I was getting very frustrated with the deck because I was not winning nearly as much as I thought I would, and I felt that most of that was due to lack of experience. If you are serious about going to the next level in the shortest amount of time like I am, there is no better way than to get coaching! Bryant is one of the best TES players, and he puts the same amount of attention to detail in each lesson that he puts into his website.

When I first saw that Bryant offered lessons, I was nervous to move forward because I did not have the deck built on MTGO, but he was able to accommodate me. On top of offering great lessons, Bryant was also very prompt and professional in his communications; it has been an all-around amazing process!

- Joshua Keith Hughes (whiskeyhughes)