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October 2019

Legacy League - Alex McKinley - 10/14/2019

the epic Storm.dek (MTGO) | .txtMain Deck4 Burning Wish 4 Infernal Tutor 1 Wishclaw Talisman 4 Brainstorm 4 Ponder 4 Thoughtseize 1 Empty the Warrens 1 Ad Nauseam4 Rite of Flame 4 Dark Ritual 4 Lion's Eye Diamond 4 Lotus Petal 3 Chrome Mox 3 Mox Opal4 Polluted Delta 2 Bloodstained Mire 2 Scalding Tarn 1 Badlands 1 Underground Sea 1 Volcanic Island 1 Island 1 SwampSideboardRead More »

Matchup Mulligan: Hogaak

Final Painter Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the play) » Keep or Mulligan?Keep With the money on the line, I'd keep this. That said, it could go downhill very quickly in the face of a Karn, The Great Creator. The beauty of this hand is that you would be able to answer an artifact such as Painter's Servant (paired with a Pyroblast or Red Elemental Blast Read More »

Pondering Policy: Missed Triggers

Welcome to this edition of Pondering Policy! Today we will be diving into the oddities and quirks of a popular subject: the Missed Trigger policy! What are triggers?Trigger is a colloquial term for "triggered ability," which is one of the most common ability types in Magic: the Gathering. It is so common, in fact, that there are many effects in Magic that players will commonly call triggers even when they do Read More »

Card Review: Wishclaw Talisman

Whenever a new standard set comes out, its generally rare that there is a card that receives consideration for the main deck of The EPIC Storm (TES). For me, Wishclaw Talisman was one of the cards I've been the most excited for from a standard set. Let's talk about why this card could fit into TES!Wishclaw Talisman is the newest tutor effect that comes at a Legacy reasonable rate. Itt Read More »