Our Team

Bryant Cook

President and Chief Content Coordinator

Bryant Cook has one Grand Prix Top 8 as well as nine Star City Games Top 8s (two wins). You can often find him traveling the northeast in search for the next big event, he recently won a Legacy Challenge and is the Legacy Premier League Season 3 Champion!

Bryant is also a host of The Eternal Glory Podcast, as well as a Web Designer, Mets Fan, and general nerd.

Mitch Blankespoor

Staff Editor

Mitch has been a follower of The EPIC Storm (TES) for close to decade. Due to his career as an athletic communications professional, his play with TES is mainly via Magic Online and local events. Mitch also pilots Storm in Modern and runs a website dedicated to it. Outside of Magic, Mitch enjoys athletics as well as board games and card games with family and friends.

Anthony LaVerde

Written Content Creator

Anthony LaVerde has had numerous Top 8 finishes of competitive Legacy events over the past five years, most recently making top 8 of the Leaving a Legacy Open series three times. When he is not playing at paper events, you can find him grinding on Magic Online under the username "Aigis."

Other than being a pilot of The EPIC Storm, Anthony is also a Smash Bros player, punk music aficionado, and a sales consultant.

Landon Sworts

Video Content Creator

Landon first started playing Magic: The Gathering with the release of M10 and made the move to Legacy around the time of Innistrad. A life-long interest in degenerative gaming strategies and an affinity for the combination of Gitaxian Probe and Cabal Therapy made The EPIC Storm an almost too appropriate deck choice.

Landon was formerly the No. 1 ranked Pokemon Go player in the United States.

Alex Poling

Written Content Creator

Alex, an information technology consultant who recently graduating with his bachelor's degree in systems analysis, is also a part-time high school teacher.

When he is not studying or working, he spends his remaining free time playing Magic: The Gathering.

He claims his favorite part of Magic is counting to 10.

Josh Hughes

Written Content Creator

Like many others, Josh started playing Magic: The Gathering in middle school, where he learned to base his self-worth on how many dragons he owned. These dragons ended up coming in handy 15 years later when he got back into Magic and started playing EDH. After playing it for about six months, Josh heard rumors about a format with decks that could win on turn one. Since then, Josh has focused completely on Legacy.

Daniel Lee

Written Content Creator

Daniel has been playing Magic: The Gathering since Invasion, and fell in love with the Storm mechanic the moment it was printed. He plays/has played Desire Storm in Extended, Solidarity and The EPIC Storm in Legacy, Gifts Storm in Modern, Paradoxical Storm in Vintage, and is currently building Sprout Storm in Pauper. A certified Magic Judge since 2004, Josh is an active Level 3 in USA MagicFests, particularly on the West Coast.

AJ Kerrigan

Written Content Creator

AJ is an Options Trader by day, and a long-time EPIC Storm enthusiast by night. When he isn't busy, AJ is watching Twitch, jamming out to Taylor Swift, or beating StarCityGames grinders on camera with Empty the Warrens.

Alex Mckinley

Written Content Creator

Alex McKinley is a computer scientist who loves mixing Magic: The Gathering and technology. When outside, he spends his time winning Quidditch Championships and camping.