Greg Sor

Greg Sor

Greg is a bartender based in London and a musician. When he is not tending the bar, Greg loves to collect Goblins and play Storm combo. He has several top finishes: a few Grand Prix cashes, PTQ Top 8s, Top 16 at Eternal Weekend '20, 9-0 at GP Paris 2014, and 2nd at Ovinogeddon '14.

Through the Looking Glass: Death & Taxes II with Phil Gallagher

Through the Looking Glass

Special Guest A few words on Phillip Gallagher (@ThrabenU): Phil Gallagher is a Death & Taxes (D&T) specialist, though he’s expanded his range quite a bit since he started streaming last year. He’s had a number of good finishes with D&T, including 59th at Grand Prix Richmond and 48th at Grand Prix Louisville. He enjoys Read More »

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