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Josh Hughes

Joshua Hughes

Written Content Creator

Like many others, Josh started playing Magic: The Gathering in middle school, where he learned to base his self-worth on how many dragons he owned. These dragons ended up coming in handy 15 years later when he got back into Magic and started playing EDH. After playing it for about six months, Josh heard rumors about a format with decks that could win on turn one. Since then, Josh has focused completely on Legacy.

TES Infernal Tutoring #40

Infernal Tutoring

Welcome back Legacy Storm Players! This month the Infernal Tutoring Series is celebrating its 40th article! In March 2016, Alexandre Richardson published the very first Infernal Tutoring. Since then, Infernal Tutoring has had Anthony LaVerde (our guest today!) and Alex McKinley as authors — both of which have helped shaped this series into what it is Read More »

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