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Combo Turn Sequencing

Sequencing spells on the combo turn is one of the more important skills to learn over time. The exact same hand can win or lose the game depending on the order all of the spells are cast. Figuring out what order to cast spells in comes with experience and what cards an opponent may have. This develops into a heuristic that can be applied to most situations. Heuristics are not Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring #34

Since our last article, The EPIC Storm (TES) made another Top 8 finish at the latest Leaving a Legacy Open V! But the deck has also Top 8'd the most recent Legacy Challenge as well as the Legacy Format Playoff! When you look at these three events, it is pretty clear that RUG Delver and Turbo Depths are currently the decks to beat in the metagame.As far as The EPIC Read More »

Through the Looking Glass: Hogaak with Kat Light

Special Guest A few words on Kat light (Twitter: @HellKatMTG | MTGO: katplight ): Nicknamed the Spirit Queen after piloting Bant Spirits to the finals of a Team Open in April 2018, Kat Light has become one of the most prominent names on the SCG Tour. In the last year, she has worked to expand her range to include Izzet Phoenix which took her to a Team Open Top 8 at SCG Pittsburgh Read More »

TES Matchup Battles: Hogaak

Ever since the printing of Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis in the Modern Horizons set, people have been trying to abuse this card in both Modern and Legacy. In order to get the most out of Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis, the entire deck is built around the graveyard. It does this by using cards like Hedron Crab, Stitcher's Supplier, and Careful Study to fill the graveyard. Once the graveyard gets full, the plan Read More »

Matchup Mulligan: Hogaak

Final Painter Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the play) » Keep or Mulligan?Keep With the money on the line, I'd keep this. That said, it could go downhill very quickly in the face of a Karn, The Great Creator. The beauty of this hand is that you would be able to answer an artifact such as Painter's Servant (paired with a Pyroblast or Red Elemental Blast Read More »

Pondering Policy: Missed Triggers

Welcome to this edition of Pondering Policy! Today we will be diving into the oddities and quirks of a popular subject: the Missed Trigger policy! What are triggers?Trigger is a colloquial term for "triggered ability," which is one of the most common ability types in Magic: the Gathering. It is so common, in fact, that there are many effects in Magic that players will commonly call triggers even when they do Read More »

Card Review: Wishclaw Talisman

Whenever a new standard set comes out, its generally rare that there is a card that receives consideration for the main deck of The EPIC Storm (TES). For me, Wishclaw Talisman was one of the cards I've been the most excited for from a standard set. Let's talk about why this card could fit into TES!Wishclaw Talisman is the newest tutor effect that comes at a Legacy reasonable rate. Itt Read More »

Through the Looking Glass: Painter with Jack Kitchen

Special Guest A few words on Jack Kitchen (Twitter: jkitch44 | MTGO: utley26 ): Jack Kitchen has been playing Legacy Painter since 2012 with the occasional foray into Dredge and The EPIC Storm (TES). Most recently, he recorded a top four finish at the SCG Play 4 Power. You can read all about his adventures with the deck through the years over on MTGTheSource. Outside of Magic, Jack works as a financial analyst, enjoys Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring #33

Welcome back to our 33rd Infernal Tutoring Article! With GP Atlanta behind us, it feels like Legacy has become the "Wild West" format of Magic: The Gathering. With a top eight that consisted of Ad Nauseam Tendrils (ANT), RUG Hexdrinker, Dark Depths, Burn, Miracles, RUG Hexdrinker, Dark Depths, and Hogaak Dredge, it is very apparent that Dark Depths and Wrenn and Six decks are leading the charge as the top Read More »

TES Matchup Battles: UW Stoneblade

UW control decks have existed since the beginning of this game's history, and have always been loved and hated by many. It's been around all of these years since including in Legacy. UW Stoneblade is one of those control decks that combines powerful cards like Stoneforge Mystic, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, counterspells, and removal spells to disrupt what the opponent is trying to do and to end the game with Read More »