Defense Grid - Foil Japanese Signed


A pair of Japanese foil signed Defense Grid from 8th edition, each card is sold separately. Each card is signed by Mark Tedin (the artist of Defense Grid) with a black sharpie, I had him sign them personally for myself and can have others vouch for their authenticity. I would consider both copies of Defense Grid to be near mint.

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Defense Grid is a pseudo replacement for Xantid Swarm now that The EPIC Storm in lists without green, it's primary function is to prohibit cards like Stifle, Flusterstorm, Pyroblast and Invasive Surgery that are coming out of our opponent's sideboards. Keep in mind, our opponents can still cast spells with a Defense Grid in play, but it typically taxes our opponents enough where we can plow through the first counterspell and eventually kill the opponent. One of my personal favorite things about the card is its ability to shut down Leovold, Emissary of Trest from ruining your day. While your opponent can draw ten to fifteen cards off of your Tendrils of Agony targeting them, this will most likely stop them from casting Mind Break Trap or Flusterstorm.

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63mm x 88mm, 2.48x3.46"

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Items sold separately


Signed with black Sharpie by Mark Tedin (the artist of Defense Grid)


Near Mint (NM)


8th Edition