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Storm Symbols Playmat


Designed with you in mind. Built-in storm-counters on your playmat! This will make ‘storming-off’ easier for new players. Simply place your dice on the appropriate symbol when you’re on your combo turn. The icons included are: Storm, Red, Black, Blue, and a generic icon for The EPIC Storm.

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Screen-printed by hand, this high quality fabric playmat has inks printed onto a pre-existing red playmat. The ink used will not run or dissolve when water is added, it’s the same solution used on t-shirts that are machine washable. The playmat has an anti-slip backside for maximum the position of your gaming materials.

The EPIC Storm highly recommends this playmat for anyone in the beginning stages of learning how to play storm combo as it’ll make their life easier going through the motions. Especially for those who play online where the system does all of the counting for the storm pilot.

Why use a playmat? Storm pilots are scholars, regal, and professional. You wouldn’t want to not look the part, right? On a more serious note, your deck and gaming accessories are expensive. Protect them!

Additional information

Weight .85 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in





Screenprinted with inks


Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low


Playmat does not come signed. Can opt to leave a message at checkout — silver sharpie recommended.