Bryant Cook

Title: Owner and operator of

About Me: I'm a graphic designer, nerd, music enthusiast, and television addict. Some of my favorite things include the New York Mets, Scrubs, and my dog – Jack.

MTG Accomplishments: Top 8 Grand Prix Columbus (2010) and 8 Star City Games Top 8's (1 win).

MTG History: I started playing around the Invasion-odyssey blocks and am the creator of the Legacy deck The EPIC Storm. Want to know more? Check out my podcast episodes of Leaving a Legacy or Humans of Magic!

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AJ Kerrigan

Title: Student.

About Me: I'm a Finance, Economics, and Philosophy student with a heavy interest in the stock market. I play a lot of Magic and love pretty much every song Taylor Swift has ever released.

MTG Accomplishments: Lost more Grand Prix Top 8 Win-And-Ins than I care to admit, Day 2 of PT Ixalan, proclaimed "Best TES Player" by Bryant Cook.

MTG History: Starting playing during Alara block and quickly jumped into competitive play. Wrote for Star City Games for 4 years, then got a bit into judging and became a Level Two Judge. Now I'm back to playing, trying to make some headway on the GP/PT circuit and learn as much as I can.

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Anthony LaVerde

Title:  Storm Advocate.

About Me: I'm a sales representative for a wireless carrier, video game nerd, and a competitive Magic player from the Boston area. Outside of Magic I enjoy long discussions about music and attending Super Smash Bros tournaments.

MTG Accomplishments: Two Comp REL Legacy event Top 8's, Day 2 finish at the SCG DC Legacy Open.

MTG History: My father has played Magic since it came out in 1993 so the game has always been around me. However, it wasn't until I was in the middle of high school in 2012 when I started drafting at my local game store. I quickly became more infatuated with Magic and played a lot of standard events up until I discovered storm. It instantly became my favorite mechanic in Magic and I have almost exclusively played the archetype since.

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Alex Poling

Title: Stormtrooper.

About Me: I'm an IT consultant for software development, runner, robotics hobbyist, and would like to get into real estate in the future.

MTG Accomplishments: Several GP cashes (4 legacy, 1 team limited, 1 limited), 2 Eternal Weekend (legacy) top 32's, and a few SCG cashes...

MTG History: I started playing back in 2006, and I think it was right before 10th Edition came out. My parents took me to the local game shop to meet some people and potentially interest me in a hobby. I was immediately hooked by the game and left that day with my first booster packs along with a pile of random commons nobody wanted – my addiction had started. My first combo deck I played was Splinter Twin in Standard. I had a lot of success playing it, and it was just a matter of time before that combo urge broke into Legacy.

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Landon Sworts

Title: Degenerate.

About Me: Musician and life long gamer from Buffalo, NY. Vocalist of the Buffalo based Pop-Punk band “Real People” (2008-2014) and long time American XP leader in Pokémon Go (2016-2018).

MTG Accomplishments: Several day 2 finishes between Grand Prix and SCG Opens, multiple competitive REL Legacy event top 8’s.

MTG History: Started playing Magic in 2010; exclusively piloting The EPIC Storm since 2011.

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Peter Raab

Title: M.Arch. & B.Eng. (Civil), Real Estate & Tenant Law Consultant.

About Me: Loves his family and the friends he made across the globe thanks to his abroad studies, work, and the game. Passionate about sports until he tore his right knee. Soccer aficionado. Picks up any fight, even with his doc telling him he's allergic to cats. Ignores medical advice. Still loves his furball.

MTG Accomplishments: Actually pulling stuff like Duals and Library of Alexandria from their respective boosters. Owned Beta Power which later paid off his student debts.

MTG History: Got in touch with the game via the Arabian Nights expansion in early '94, but quit until a friend got him back into it. Picked up Vintage in 2005 after getting stomped by Hulk Smash in a casual game. Pretty much played all Vintage Storm decks since then. Still thinks Dark Ritual Gifts is the best Deck he ever played followed by Tropical Storm. Moved to Legacy after the "Vintage Apocalypse". Rarely gets to play due to work and shifted priorities these days. Still tries his best at giving feedback to the crew.

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Alex McKinley

Title: Nerd.

About Me: I'm a Computer Science student and when I'm not playing Magic, I'm playing the real sport of Quidditch.

MTG Accomplishments: I might have 5-0'ed a league once.

MTG History: I got my first cards around Ninth Edition but I didn't start playing seriously until Return to Ravnica. I transitioned from standard to modern to legacy and began playing Miracles. Once I realized I didn't want to draw rounds, I swapped to storm almost 2 years ago. I think at this point, I've forgotten how to play Magic that involves creatures.

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Josh Hughes

Title: Storm Jr.

About Me: I'm an IT Professional from South Florida, specializing in Networking and Server Virtualization. When I'm not working insane hours, you can find me playing Legacy FNMs, grinding leagues on Magic Online, playing video games, or spending time with my family.

MTG Accomplishments: Learning to make eye contact with my opponent the whole time I storm off.

MTG History: Like many others, I started playing Magic in middle school, where I learned to base my whole self worth on how many Dragons I owned. Spoiler alert, I owned a lot of dragons. These Dragons actually ended up coming in handy fifteen years later when I got back into Magic and started playing EDH. I played EDH for about 6 months, but after hearing rumors at the casual tables about a format with decks that could win on turn one, I started focusing completely on Legacy.

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